Your Mask is a Talisman

31 minutes

What is the difference between an amulet and a talisman? Did you even know there was a difference? What is a talisman’s purpose? How does an amulet work? You probably didn’t wake up this morning with these as your most pressing questions of the day, but now, aren’t you a little curious about the answers?

This episode of Lifemancy is not only about how you can enhance the power of what you’re doing to keep yourself safe like washing your hands and wearing masks, but more importantly, if you’re someone who isn’t wearing a mask or who doesn’t want to wear one, this episode will prove you’re missing out. 

Learn how to create your own powerful covid-mask amulet or talisman as well as learn about Ancient Egypt, the story behind the Eye of Horus, and how you can use magickal symbols to change your life. 


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Am I psychic? Is magic real? Can science and spirituality coexist? Is it possible to predict the future? Where does witchcraft come from? And the question we’ve all wondered but never said out loud, if I cast a spell on my boss, would it work? 

Lifemancy answers all your questions about the occult and more! You’ll learn the true history behind supernatural stories, the science of paranormal abilities, and how to use the tools of divination to discover your best self. Join host, Rachel Wilkinson, as she shares a laugh about her own dumpster fire life, and why she’s turned to witchcraft to make it better. 

Welcoming all skeptics and first-time seekers, this podcast is perfect for the naturally curious, the wonderfully witchy, and anyone who likes to be a hit at parties.

Rachel translates mystical esoterica into easy to understand lessons. Chart your horoscope. Read tarot cards. Cast spells. Learn the skills of psychics to make your life magic. Plus you’ll hear cool stories about mythology we still believe today and folklore that’s shaped our history while she chats with witches, mediums, and occult practitioners as well as scientists, academics, and historians. 

Podcasting from Houston, Texas, new episodes release on the new moon and full moon of each month. Hit subscribe and never miss a chance to see where real life and magic meet.

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