What is the Kali Yuga?

33 minutes

What is the Yuga Cycle? Why do people think we’re living in the Kali Yuga? And why are we obsessed with apocalyptic prophecies anyway?  From the predictive quatrains of Nostradamus to Y2K to the hysteria around the Mayan calendar, people have spent centuries believing the final chapter is right around the corner. And yet, we’re still here. Find out why 2021 will be no different. 


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Lifemancy is an educational podcast revealing the connections witchcraft and the occult have to science and history, proving why life is not as ordinary as we think. Host, Rachel Wilkinson, keeps it casual as she teaches a different metaphysical topic each episode. And if you want to break out of your rut, boost your prosperity, and reach your goals, she’ll also show you practical ways to make magic work for you. 

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