Scion: The Greek Furies

33 minutes

Let your geek flag fly and open your mind to fun, fantasy, and fury. The Greek Furies, Alecto, Megaera, and Tisiphone, are the divine goddesses of vengeance and retribution. Born from blood and shaped by earth thousands of years ago, they remain with us today. They’ve punished the wicked in literature and television, and are now found doling out justice in role-playing games like Scion 2nd Edition.

Join Rachel as she chats with two members of the creative team behind the Vengeful Daughters game supplement, Erykah Fassett and Jen Brazas. Learn the story of Iphigenia, find out the history behind hung juries, and discover how ideas are translated into games and art.

If this episode were a Venn diagram it would include three unlikely friends: Greek mythology, police procedurals, and role-playing games.


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