Hone Your Intuition

43 minutes

We know it’s important to trust our gut and follow our intuition, but in a time of uncertainty, that small inner voice is hard to hear. By explaining the physiology of intuition and guiding you through easy and effective exercises, Rachel teaches you how to hone your sixth sense. You’ll find clarity on your personal truths so you can guide yourself toward a brighter future.

You’ll also learn how to make and use a DIY pendulum, discover the phenomenon known as blindsight, and hear the story of Queen Jezebel and the Prophet Elijah. When the universe speaks to us, it rarely does so in earthquakes. It’s usually a whisper. So, take a break from the news and trust your gut. 


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Lifemancy reveals the true history behind supernatural stories, the science of paranormal abilities, and how to use the tools of divination to discover your best self. Join host, Rachel Wilkinson, as she shares a laugh about her own dumpster fire life, and why she’s turned to witchcraft to make it better.

Candid, quirky, and sometimes marvelously strange, this educational podcast welcomes all first-timers translating mystical esoterica into relatable content. From charting your horoscope to reading your palm, from casting spells to predicting your future, learn the skills behind spirituality and make your life magical.

Hear about mythology, folklore, and psychical powers. Discover how to tell fortunes for yourself or others. Practice letting intuition be your guide. Lifemancy is perfect for the naturally curious, the wonderfully witchy, and anyone who likes to be a hit at parties. 

Podcasting from Houston, Texas, new episodes release on the new moon and full moon of each month.

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