Color Magic for Personal Power with Sarah Potter

32 minutes

Sarah Potter is a professional witch, psychic medium, tarot reader, and practitioner of color magic. Using color magic, she's been able to guide people through personal transformations by promoting self-empowerment, problem-solving, and amplifying intuitive skills. In this episode of Lifemancy, she shares how to look past what we see in color so we can tune in to how color makes us feel. 

You’ll also learn about the visible light spectrum, a little known fact about Isaac Newton, and what your favorite color can tell you about yourself.


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Lifemancy is an educational podcast revealing the connections witchcraft and the occult have to science and history, proving why life is not as ordinary as we think. Host, Rachel Wilkinson, keeps it casual as she teaches a different metaphysical topic each episode. And if you want to break out of your rut, boost your prosperity, and reach your goals, she’ll also show you practical ways to make magic work for you. 

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