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Make your life magical. Learn the true history behind supernatural stories, the science of paranormal abilities, and how to use the tools of divination to discover your best self.

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Funny, Insightful, and Approachable!

She has this way of explaining complicated, scientific things in a way that does not make you feel like an idiot for not knowing what they are in the first place. And her voice- oh her voice!! It's like listening to your long lost best friend from the midwest. Only better, because Rachel is infinitely SPICIER!

Josie U.

Love it!

Great podcast! Am really enjoying the walk through the different aspects of the mystical world. Even as a die hard skeptic, I love the science she includes and also just learning about how other people view the more magical world. But magic believer of not, some great messages about motivation and taking action to tackle problems, whatever form that action is for you.


Witchy with a Scientific Twist

I love the way Rachel manages to explain the mystical with everything from movie references to plain old science! I find it to be a funny and light hearted way to learn about all things magic - trust me, she's hilarious <3

*Goldie Locks*

About the Host

Rachel Wilkinson

Rachel Wilkinson

Creator of Lifemancy

Rachel had the opportunity to become either a Concert Pianist or a Geneticist, so she picked Writer. Now, she spends most of her days wondering why she insists on following her heart instead of her head. When she isn’t putting out fires from her willful choices, Rachel is a plucky, freelance writer with 20 years of experience producing story content for educational companies, role-playing game developers, and live-action event studios. Rachel is also a ghostwriter who one day hopes to carve out enough time to write a novel with her own name on it. Until then, Rachel has created Lifemancy – the love child of her passion for Spirituality and Science.

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