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“My life was a dumpster fire, so I turned to witchcraft.” Rachel Wilkinson’s life didn’t go according to plan, but if she’s learned anything from her existential crisis, it’s that sometimes we have to make our own magic. Lifemancy can show you how.

What fans say about the podcast

Funny, Insightful, and Approachable!

She has this way of explaining complicated, scientific things in a way that does not make you feel like an idiot for not knowing what they are in the first place. And her voice- oh her voice!! It's like listening to your long lost best friend from the midwest. Only better, because Rachel is infinitely SPICIER!

Josie U.

Love it!

Great podcast! Am really enjoying the walk through the different aspects of the mystical world. Even as a die hard skeptic, I love the science she includes and also just learning about how other people view the more magical world. But magic believer of not, some great messages about motivation and taking action to tackle problems, whatever form that action is for you.


Witchy with a Scientific Twist

I love the way Rachel manages to explain the mystical with everything from movie references to plain old science! I find it to be a funny and light hearted way to learn about all things magic - trust me, she's hilarious <3

*Goldie Locks*

Fun and Magical

I love the fun and informative tone of this magical podcast!

Anielle Reid

Highly recommended

Rachel puts together an amazing show with awesome content. The production sounds like a bit from NPR with its excellent writing and subject matter. I will be sharing this with friends and family.


Whimsical Witchery!

It's hard to find a podcast that delves into the occult without getting so deep into the topic that I feel like I'm drowning. Lifemancy is for the witch on the go, the ones who have busy lives and jobs and just need a little magic and the knowledge of how to implement it into their daily living. It's fun, entertaining, and I feel like I learn something new with every listen.


About the Host

Rachel Wilkinson

Rachel Wilkinson

Creator of Lifemancy

Rachel is a fiction writer and divination artist living in Houston, Texas. By day, she writes content for role-playing games set in worlds of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. By night, she's a podcaster who dedicates her time to demystifying witchcraft and the supernatural for everyday people using history and science.

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